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cold winter in Afghanistan, orphan children

Cold Winter in Afghanistan and Orphan Children

Afghanistan is experiencing a cold winter compare to the previous years, making the orphan children vulnerable to cold weather condition. The increase of economic pressures, rising unemployment rate and increased poverty level are the main reasons that differentiate this winter compare to past. Most of the people are unable to provide essential heating materials for the season. According to a report shared by IFRC, winter temperatures in Afghanistan can plummet as low as -33 degrees

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importance of education in Afghanistan

Importance of Education in Afghanistan

Education is the human right and everyone’s responsibility. The importance of education in Afghanistan cannot be overstated as it plays a crucial role for development of society. It develops talent and intelligence and help learn how to live independently in life. Education will change us to a responsible resident. This week is designated as international education week, and could be used as a good tool to fight against inequality and sustainable development. Afghanistan is among

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Herat Earthquake, Afghanistan Earthquake

HBT’s Second round of Aids for Herat Earthquake victims

In response to the recent Herat earthquake, HBT has launched a second round of humanitarian aid to provide relief for the affected individuals. This time, our focus is on supporting needy children who require immediate assistance. These aid efforts include the distribution of warm jackets tailored for children aged 2 to 14 years old. With your generous support, we have successfully provided warm jackets to ensure these children stay warm during the approaching winter. Your

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Afghans in Pakistan, refugee, deportation

Afghans in Pakistan: The Humanitarian Impact of Afghan Refugee Deportation

The Pakistani government has announced the expulsion of 1.73 million Afghans in Pakistan to Afghanistan, many of whom have lived in the country for decades and are now being forced to leave their assets behind in Pakistan. It is estimated that there are approximately two million undocumented Afghans residing in Pakistan, with 600,000 of them arriving after the Taliban took over the government in August 2021. In the wake of this decision, the Pakistani government

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Afghanistan Earthquake , Herat Province

Afghanistan Earthquake: HBT’s first Humanitarian Aid for Herat province

The Afghanistan Earthquake occurred around 11 o’clock AM on Saturday, October 7, 2023, with a magnitude of 6.3, shaking the Zindajan district in Herat Province. Minutes after the initial earthquake, another quake, registering at a magnitude of 5.5, struck, followed by subsequent earthquakes of lower intensity. On the 15th of October, a third earthquake, with a magnitude of 6.4, shook Herat City and other districts within Herat Province. 2,500 people, including children and women, lost

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Support for a Disabled Family in Nangarhar Province!

In the framework of humanitarian aid, HBT organization provided food supplies to a struggling disabled family in Nangarhar this month. This food package includes rice, oil, flour, sugar, beans, and other essential items to assist this impoverished family. The mother in this family has a physical disability and cannot walk properly, while her 18-year-old son faces both physical and mental challenges. This seven-member family is going through severe economic hardship. During the distribution of Ramadan

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A Tale of Compassion: Transforming Lives, Spreading Joy

Transforming lives in a remote area of Nangarhar province. There resides a disabled mother and her two children. Their living conditions are dire, confined to a damp room with crumbling walls. The mother herself faces a physical disability, rendering her unable to walk. With a heavy heart, she shares, “My legs are paralyzed, hindering my mobility. I struggle to care for my disabled child.” The eldest son, only thirteen years old, suffers from both physical

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Empowering Afghan Youth and Honoring Kaaj Education Center’s Martyrs

In remembrance of the martyrs of Kaaj Education Center and empowering Afghan youth, HBT charity organization has established a library as part of its humanitarian aid program. On September 30, 2022, a devastating suicide bomb blast at Kaaj Education Center in Western Kabul, Afghanistan, resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives and left many students injured. Most of the victims were young women who were studying for the University entrance exam. The library houses

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children in Afghanistan


children in Afghanistan are among the most vulnerable in the world. They face numerous challenges in their daily lives due to poverty, a high level of malnutrition, forced marriages, limited access to basic services, and low family incomes. These challenges have a significant impact on their health, education, well-being, and overall progress. Additionally, some children are engaged in street labor, working hard to earn a living and support their families. Poverty is at a high

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The Impact of Help Build Tomorrow (HBT) Charity Organization in Afghanistan

The core mission and commitment upheld by HBT Charity Organization is to help Afghans access the resources they need to better their lives. So far, our humanitarian efforts are making lasting impacts on the lives of Afghan people. From providing basic needs such as food, drinking water, and clothing to helping Afghan children access education and medical aid. We are pleased that our charitable contributions have impacted Afghanistan indelibly. Furthermore, HBT has provided relief to

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Ramadan Food Aid, Kabul Province

Ramadan Food aid Packages Distribution

Help Build Tomorrow in coordination with ALDC (Afghans Living in DC Areas) has started Ramadan food campaign. It is called ‘To Give Hope with Every Bite this Ramadan’ to support needy who are struggling to make ends meet. The campaign aims to provide hot and nutritious food boxes for Iftar to 350-500 individuals. This campaign will continue every day for the entire month of Ramadan. First, HBT local team surveys in order to find the

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Poor Afghan child

International Day of Human Rights

The 10th of December is the international day of Human Rights. Still, in 2022, unfortunately, millions of children have had limited access to humanitarian rights. in an outlook, the educational situation in Afghanistan shows that, unfortunately, the educational situation for children is not ideal. Escalation of poverty, unemployment, and economic problems have affected children, especially girls. Therefore, most children spend their education time in search of trash dumps to collect trash in brick furnaces or

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