Empowering Afghan Youth and Honoring Kaaj Education Center’s Martyrs

In remembrance of the martyrs of Kaaj Education Center and empowering Afghan youth, HBT charity organization has established a library as part of its humanitarian aid program. On September 30, 2022, a devastating suicide bomb blast at Kaaj Education Center in Western Kabul, Afghanistan, resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives and left many students injured. Most of the victims were young women who were studying for the University entrance exam.

The library houses a collection of 1100 books spanning ten different fields of study, including science, economics, politics, culture, research, and history, among others. HBT has also provided 10 computers, chairs, and tables to support the center.

The establishment of this library serves the purpose of honoring the sacrifices made by the martyrs of Kaaj and aims to foster a culture of reading among the youth in Afghanistan. Representatives from Kaaj Education Center expressed their gratitude for HBT’s support and stated, “The creation of such libraries enhances students’ knowledge levels. The presence of such libraries is essential in Afghan society. We are thankful to HBT for initiating this project.”

The library was established by HBT in collaboration with ALDC, and the construction process took over two months to complete. It is a public library accessible to everyone in the community.

One of the victims stated, “The attackers cannot deter us from pursuing education. We are more determined than ever to learn and acquire knowledge.” Another student emphasized that education is the only way to develop Afghan society. Given the current crisis and hardships in Afghanistan, the education of young people and the establishment of libraries like this one can create a brighter future for students.

The HBT charity organization remains dedicated to serving the Afghan people, and the creation of the HBT library and computer lab will have a positive impact, empowering youths to build a better tomorrow.

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