A Tale of Compassion: Transforming Lives, Spreading Joy

Transforming lives in a remote area of Nangarhar province. There resides a disabled mother and her two children. Their living conditions are dire, confined to a damp room with crumbling walls. The mother herself faces a physical disability, rendering her unable to walk. With a heavy heart, she shares, “My legs are paralyzed, hindering my mobility. I struggle to care for my disabled child.”

The eldest son, only thirteen years old, suffers from both physical and mental disabilities. He struggles to walk, eat, and maintain his body’s balance. This impoverished family has no source of income and relies on occasional assistance from neighbors, often limited to a loaf of bread. They gaze hopefully at the gate, yearning for someone to bring sustenance. Days pass with empty stomachs, and they feel a sense of isolation, relying solely on the mercy of Allah.

The burden of providing for the family falls upon the daughter, who serves as the sole breadwinner. She has faced countless challenges in her pursuit of supporting her loved ones. She shares, “I used to beg on the streets every day, but recently I was hit by a car and suffered a broken leg. Now I am unable to work.”

During the distribution of hot food packages in Nangarhar province, the HBT charity organization came across this family and recognized their dire circumstances. In a meaningful first step, they provided Iftari meals to the family, offering a glimmer of hope. Overwhelmed with gratitude, the mother tearfully exclaims, “Before HBT helped us, I had lost all hope. I worried endlessly about my children’s future. As a disabled person, I felt utterly helpless.”

This family represents one among thousands of Afghan families grappling with extreme poverty. Fortunately, timely assistance reached this disabled family through the HBT charity organization. They went to Nangarhar province to extend their support, providing the family with a home, wheelchair, food, and clothing. The disabled mother joyfully expresses, “Our situation was bleak, but HBT’s intervention brought us happiness and deep gratitude.”

Additionally, the youngest daughter, after receiving medical treatment, has been enrolled in school and now benefits from educational support from HBT. With a smile on her face, the mother says, “By extending a helping hand to the needy, may God bless you. The wheelchair you provided me allows me to venture outside and fulfill some needs, while my daughter can focus on her studies and build a future, free from working and begging on the streets.”

Extending a helping hand to those in need and empowering them to shape a better future is at the heart of HBT’s humanitarian aid program. Your contribution to our causes can create a lasting impact on the lives of vulnerable people in Afghanistan. Together, let us bring hope and transform lives.

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