Importance of Education in Afghanistan

Education is the human right and everyone’s responsibility. The importance of education in Afghanistan cannot be overstated as it plays a crucial role for development of society. It develops talent and intelligence and help learn how to live independently in life. Education will change us to a responsible resident. This week is designated as international education week, and could be used as a good tool to fight against inequality and sustainable development.

importance of education in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is among those countries that faces many challenges for fulfilling educational need of its residents especially children. More than 4.2 million of children lack access to education and most of this statistic represents girls. Poverty has caused these children to work on the street in order to provide for their family’s needs. Additionally, Recent challenges such as natural disasters, force deport of migrants from Pakistan have resulted in lack of access to the fundamental right which is education, for numerous Afghan children. these children are in need of protection, education and upbringing.

importance of education in Afghanistan

On the other hand, the development of a society requires the capabilities and participation of all the members of a society which emphasizes on importance of education. Girls, having more energy, make up 50% of the society and have key role in establishing a powerful and sound society. Girls have the right to have access for proper and on time education and peaceful life.  Girls education is like empowering a future generation, however, 60% of girls lack access to education in Afghanistan.

HBT as a non-profit organization accentuate on importance of education in Afghanistan and  struggles to provide education for millions of poor children who are on the break of leaving education and to fulfill this dream, HBT has enrolled 77 children to private schools through providing financial support for their families to let their child attend school. HBT considers education a framework for nurturing human resources to empower society.

importance of education in Afghanistan

By offering support to children encountering barriers to education, we empower them with self-esteem and essential skills, paving the way for a bright and promising future. Undoubtedly, education eliminates hindrances that impede their development and helps them envision a hopeful future. Supporting a child means combating all obstacles that hinder their path to a brighter future.

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