International Day of Human Rights

Poor Afghan child

The 10th of December is the international day of Human Rights. Still, in 2022, unfortunately, millions of children have had limited access to humanitarian rights. in an outlook, the educational situation in Afghanistan shows that, unfortunately, the educational situation for children is not ideal.

Escalation of poverty, unemployment, and economic problems have affected children, especially girls. Therefore, most children spend their education time in search of trash dumps to collect trash in brick furnaces or on the streets.

One of the huge limitations for children besides penury and indigence is the social limitation, which is the main cause of the lack of access to human rights in Afghanistan.

The outcome of this unpleasant phenomenon has caused millions of girls to lack access from grade six onward. In addition, forced marriage, disturbance, hard work, violence, and misuse of children are serious challenges to children’s rights in Afghanistan. 

latest statistics about  human rights in Afghanistan

According to worldwide ranking, besides Chad and sirloin, Afghanistan is among the worst countries for children in 2022. Primarily, The ranking of countries is based on five factors, right to live, right to education, right to support, right to health, and proper environment.

Poor Afghan girls

Based on the united nations children fund, Afghanistan is among the top needy countries, and 1.65 milliards of dollars are needed to support children in Afghanistan. Nowadays, children face disruption of their rights and adversity all over Afghanistan, which has endangered their future.

HBT charity organization is concerned about this situation. In correlation with children, HBT struggles to provide more educational opportunities and access to human rights for Afghan children.

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