The HBT executive team works hard to provide the best future for Afghan children in the remotest areas of Afghanistan

Meet our Team

Our success is due to  the contribution of our selfless team. In every situation, they have worked hard and have maximized their talents. Pluse, They are consistently going above and beyond their requirements to truly make a difference. In doing so,  HBT has been able to deliver projects on time and provide  humanitarian aid to the  most rural locations of Afghanistan.

In addition, Placed in challenging conditions, their honesty, hard work,  excellent problem-solving skills, and creativity  has allowed us to swiftly resolve issues that otherwise might escalate the crisis in Afghanistan. Accordingly, They have always done outstanding work in being measured and accountable.  Their work ethic is unsurpassed. Further, they are passionate, ambitious, and willing to help the poor and orphaned Afghans, and they are making society better every and each day.

Tariq Ahmadzai

Tariq Ahmadzai

Director and CEO of HBT

Tariq Ahmadzai was born in Afghanistan and lived in Pakistan until the age 18. He would move  to the UK to complete his undergraduate studies. Additionally, his love for education and knowledge would take him  to the U.S to pursue his post-grad studies. Subsequently, Tariq completed his first master’s degree in project management and a second master’s degree in International Development from the School of International Service at  American University in Washington DC.

Tariq established  HBT in 2016, alongside twenty other Afghan American professionals in the DC metro area, with two goals in mind; he believes no child should go through hardship and every child  deserves to be educated in a safe environment. Tariq’s passion for Afghan Children’s education stems from his childhood in a Pakistan refugee camp and the distress he endured during his childhood. He is passionate about ensuring every Afghan child receives  an education and is able to contribute towards Afghanistan’s social, economic, and political development.

In addition to his passion for educating every Afghan child, he believes that charitable organizations should spend the entirety of the funds collected  from individual and organization donors on beneficiaries instead of administrative and other overhead costs.

Further, Tariq also coordinated emergency response services beginning in 2016. However, after the fall of the government, HBT has drastically accelerated emergency response services to meet the dire circumstances of the Afghan population, particularly vulnerable children and women.

Tariq currently serves as the director and CEO overseeing US and Afghanistan operations for HBT. He provides strategic guidance for growth in coordination with the rest of the team to ensure the goals, directives, and strategic communications are met and satisfactory to the stated policies of HBT.

Omar Ahmadzai

Omar Ahmadzai

Co-Founder & English Language Program Director

Omar Ahmadzai leads the English Language Program at HBT, specifically designed for women, overseeing all day-to-day academic and administrative activities. His responsibilities encompass managing the initiation of new courses, collaborating with instructors to implement a curriculum responsive to students’ needs, providing essential resources for development goals, coordinating the weekly class schedule and updates, monitoring teaching activities to ensure adherence to HBT’s policies, and overseeing student academic progress and attendance. Omar maintains constant communication with both instructors and students.

Omar is an ardent advocate for women’s empowerment and demonstrates unwavering commitment to promoting women’s education where needed. His dedication is evidenced through his leadership in the English Language Program at HBT, where he actively supports and facilitates an environment conducive to women’s academic and personal development.

Kamran Safi

Outreach Director (Europe)

Kamran Safi presently spearheads the HBT operation from Europe, acting as an “IT Operations Specialist” at Essity, a Swedish company.  Impressively, Kamran holds the title of Afghanistan’s youngest Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, a distinction he earned at the tender age of 14. By 16, he had completed his CCIE – a demanding and highly-regarded certification in the IT industry – in India.

Throughout his early career, Kamran gained extensive experience working with a variety of routers, switches, and servers. In 2021, Kamran relocated to Sweden to take on the role of IT Operations Specialist

In his capacity as the Operations Manager at HBT, he ensures the seamless operation of campaigns, social media, and websites. He also schedules meetings with distinguished individuals who can support the HBT initiatives.

A typical day for Kamran involves a one to two-hour conference call with the entire team, during which they discuss operations, strategize, compile reports, and then discuss these reports with the directors. Kamran once stated, “Afghans have suffered immensely throughout history. If our generation doesn’t make an impact, no one else will.” His ambitious goal is to reach thousands of students and families to help shape a new Afghanistan.

Khalyla Harito

Marketing and Public Relations

Khalyla’s journey in the world of media and philanthropy has been truly remarkable. She began her career working with a prominent media group, specializing in marketing and events for various Sunday newspapers. During her tenure, she achieved notable recognition as she pioneered a platform dedicated to honoring women for their outstanding achievements, earning her the esteemed RCP Prestige Woman of the Year Award.

Her passion for promoting education and literacy led her to become an affiliate partner for KabulReads in Afghanistan, where she tirelessly advocated for the importance of reading among youth. Beyond this, Khalyla emerged as a formidable activist, championing the rights and education of Afghan women and lending her voice to those who lacked representation.

Khalyla’s dedication extends far beyond her advocacy efforts. She serves as a patron and fundraiser for both the Tomorrows Hope Orphanage and Mirmun Orphanages in Kabul. Her close involvement with these institutions granted her valuable insights into the daily challenges faced by orphaned children.

In August 2021, Khalyla made the courageous decision to commit herself full-time to emergency response initiatives, focusing primarily on assisting families in need, with a particular emphasis on women and children. Her work encompassed street campaigns aimed at providing vital support to street children, orphans, and displaced families. Her efforts ranged from ensuring access to hygiene and medical supplies to distributing essential baby food. Additionally, she offered her assistance to children with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

Khalyla’s passion for making a lasting impact on the lives of Afghan families prompted her to initiate projects such as Kabul Job Cart and sewing machine distribution, thereby empowering small businesses and creating employment opportunities for struggling families. Her commitment to education led her to join HBT, where she shares common goals, particularly in assisting street children in their return to school.

As a compassionate individual, Khalyla also provides personal support to several orphaned children and women. Her dedication to Afghan sisters resonates deeply with her, and she considers it a cause close to her heart. As a devoted “Mother” figure to a few children, she prioritizes their health and well-being, recognizing that they hold the key to a brighter future for Afghanistan’s next generation.

Khalyla’s tireless efforts and unwavering commitment serve as an inspiration to all, embodying the true spirit of compassion and dedication.

Abou Bakri Sy

Abou Bakri Sy

Program Advisor (Volunteer)

Abou Bakri Sy is Mauritanian-American and received his Bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University, majoring in Political Science and African Studies. He recently received his Master’s Degree from American University, concentrating on democracy and governance in the global south. He is passionate about human rights, inclusive governance, and the role ethnicity plays in nation-building.

Additionally, Abou has also previously worked in Finance, where he advised clients on making sound financial decisions and provided various financial solutions. He is also active in the Mauritanian community as he is a member of the Mauritanian Network for Human rights, where he advocates for inclusive governance, an end to racism, and accountable governance.

Lastly, Abou serves as a strategic advisor with HBT. In his role, he has the portfolio of reviewing documents, expanding the social media footprint of HBT, and generating ideas to improve donations and humanitarian efforts. Despite being a non-Afghan, abou believes human rights are universal and every child should be offered an opportunity to succeed without detrimental impediments.

Kefayatullah Qaderi

Afghanistan Operation Lead

Kefayatullah Qaderi, born in 1996, holds a bachelor’s degree in law and politics from Estiqlal University in 2018, and a Networking diploma from CTI Institute in 2015.

Throughout his career, he has gained diverse experience in various fields. For a period of three years, Kefayatullah worked as a supervisor Data Collector with USAID/HARAKAT in the Spin Boldak District of Kandahar.

Subsequently, he took on the role of a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for WAW/UNHCR in Nangarhar, Kunar, Laghman, and Nuristan provinces, dedicating a year to this position.

Kefayatullah’s passion for teaching and presentation led him to work as a presenter, imparting the art of expression to students at different universities in Afghanistan.

Driven by shared values and goals, he became a part of HBT. Currently, he contributes as a volunteer at HBT, providing support to children and families in need.

With his multilingual abilities, Kefayatullah is fluent in Dari, Pashto, English, and Urdu. Additionally, he possesses expertise in C++, CCNA, and CCNP.

Hamid Malekzada

Social Media Manager

Hamid Malekzada was born in 1992 and has a bachelor’s degree in journalism, and mass communication from Nangarhar University. He is extremely proficient in writing and news reporting. Plus, his favorite professions are designing and photography.

After completing his bachelor’s degree, he worked as a social media manager with one of the largest, and most important news networks in Afghanistan. In addition, in his capacity, he has worked on Producing multimedia programs, managing social pages, and implementing work schedules.

He joined the HBT team as a social media manager in 2021 and now as Afghanistan Operations Lead, directs the HBT operations in Afghanistan.  Further, he is attempting to provide more educational opportunities for a large number of orphaned children in Afghanistan.

He stated,” I am motivated to work harder when I encounter HBT’s sponsored students, and they welcome me as they would welcome their father. Likewise, I am happy that as a member of the HBT team I have been able to bring smiles to the lips of orphaned children.

“Providing education for everyone is one of our responsibilities”

Sorya Yousufi

Outreach Specialist

Sorya Yousufi received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Kabul  Education University in 2021 and a professional diploma in Journalism from Khurshid University in 2020. Added to, she joined HBT as a Child Case Manager in 2021. Her favorite hobbies are reading and helping others which have uplifted her knowledge and skillsets.

Different opportunities have improved her working abilities and has helped to reach the apex of her career. Aside from, she has participated in many civic activities where she conveyed Afghan women and girls voices to the world. Recently, she was working as social media specialist, designing new posts and writing contents for the social media pages.

Furthermore, she joined HBT as Children Case Manager in 2021. she launches investigations to find orphaned children and child laborers and provides them with opportunities to better their conditions.  She states, “it makes me happy to help indigent  children and bring laughter to their faces.”

Additionally, she is a bridge between poor children and HBT.  She interviews them and shares their problems with the HBT team. Besides that, she follows up on already enrolled students by HBT to check their progress, skills and newly acquired abilities.

Samsor Ayoubi

Program Coordinator/ Child Case Manager

Samsor Ayoubi received his bachelor’s degree in Management and diplomacy from Ariana University in 2015. Indeed, his humanistic approach and dignity has always helped him to grow and acquire higher positions. 

Added to, Samsor has worked in different positions which has played a key role in his  career. He has worked as an administrative assistant where he was responsible for managing office calendars, organizing office attendance and travels to provinces. He has also worked as a children’s education officer.  Besides, he was tasked with reporting monthly and quarterly progress reports of various projects and keeping track of project implementation plan.

Samsor joined HBT in 2022, working as a Program coordinator. He is responsible with assisting  HBT’s humanitarian programs implementation. Positively, he also coordinates between the schools where HBT sponsored students continue their education.

Additionally, he is responsible in identifying new families who need humanitarian assistance. Furthermore, he stated, “I am very proud of being a member of HBT, where I can serve and help poor children and families in Afghanistan.”

Nabila Haider

Social Media Coordinator

Nabila Haider is a highly accomplished professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BBA) and a diverse background in logistics and human resources (HR). Currently serving as a Social Media Coordinator at HBT Help Build Tomorrow, Nabila excels in advising and suggesting social media content for various platforms and campaigns.

Additionally, she takes charge of communicating with influencers, scheduling meetings with them.

With her expertise in digital marketing and a keen eye for effective content, Nabila plays a pivotal role in developing engaging social media strategies that align with HBT’s mission. Her ability to collaborate with the team and optimize campaigns contributes to the organization’s online presence and success.

Outside of her professional commitments, Nabila indulges in her creative hobbies during her free time. Although not a professional artist, she finds solace and joy in drawing, using it as a form of self-expression. She is also an avid reader, immersing herself in various novels to gain new perspectives and expand her horizons.

Nabila’s dedication to personal and professional growth is evident in her continuous pursuit of knowledge and skills. She actively seeks opportunities to expand her expertise and stay up-to-date with industry trends. With her multifaceted background and creative passion, Nabila is driven to make a positive impact in her role and beyond.

To learn more about Nabila and her work, feel free to connect with her on social media