At HBT we recognize the importance of transparency. In an era where information is key, we are committed to providing detailed and accessible reports that offer a comprehensive understanding of our operational intricacies, Latest updated regarding our implemented projects and the broader social and environmental impact of our actions. These reports serve as a testament to our dedication to openness and accountability, ensuring that the public can make informed decisions about our organization. We invite you to explore these reports, ask questions, and engage with us as we strive to build trust through a commitment to clear communication.

Report of October 2023

This report summarizes the positive impact of our organization’s initiatives aimed at improving the lives of vulnerable communities. Through our dedicated efforts, we have brought positive change to the lives of numerous children, families, and adults in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake.

Report of November 2023

This report summarizes HBT’s positive efforts in providing a hopeful future for the people of Afghanistan. Throughout this month, our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to offer humanitarian relief to vulnerable children and women in different provinces. Our initiatives range from providing warm winter clothes to empowering women with sewing machines and distributing food aid packages to needy families. The report includes pictures and information from each project we’ve implemented, offering a clear picture of the needs in Afghanistan