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Empower a woman

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HBT's Sewing Machine Distribution Program for Afghan Women

The HBT Sewing Machine Distribution Program for Afghan Women aims to empower women across Afghanistan by providing them with the tools and opportunities to become self-sufficient and support their families. Through this program, we seek to address the challenges faced by widowed women who lack financial resources and assistance.

Our sewing machine distribution program targets widowed women across Afghanistan who lack a breadwinner in their families. By providing them with sewing machines and necessary accessories, we enable them to engage in income-generating activities, such as tailoring services, from their homes. Each sewing machine package includes essential items such as a chair, table, iron press, needles, chalk, measuring tape, thread rolls, machine oil, zag ripping, clip cut, and scissors.

sewing machine for widowed Afghan women
sewing machines have been distributed to widowed Afghan women so far.

Sewing Machine Distribution Process and Outcome

Families are selected based on their need, ability to use sewing machines, and potential to start a small business from home. Our volunteer team conducts surveys to identify the most deserving widowed Afghan women. Once identified, we purchase the sewing machines and accessories and deliver them directly to the beneficiaries’ homes

The primary outcome of this program is to empower women to build sustainable economies for themselves and their families. By becoming financially independent, these women can cover their daily expenses, access education and healthcare services for their children, and improve their overall quality of life.


Your Part in This Program

You can make a difference by sponsoring a widow woman through our program. Your support will empower Afghan women who lack support and are in need of assistance. Together, we can bring positive change to their lives and help them become self-sufficient.