Support for a Disabled Family in Nangarhar Province!

In the framework of humanitarian aid, HBT organization provided food supplies to a struggling disabled family in Nangarhar this month. This food package includes rice, oil, flour, sugar, beans, and other essential items to assist this impoverished family. The mother in this family has a physical disability and cannot walk properly, while her 18-year-old son faces both physical and mental challenges. This seven-member family is going through severe economic hardship.

During the distribution of Ramadan food packages in Nangarhar, HBT identified this disadvantaged family and provided them with a wheelchair and food supplies as their immediate assistance. The scale of this disabled family suffering, from hunger to poverty, has made life incredibly difficult for this family. This aid has managed to meet their basic needs for this month.

The mother, with tears in her eyes, expresses her gratitude, saying, “I am very happy with HBT’s assistance and thank them. This help is sufficient for us for a month, as we have no source of income to purchase food when our groceries run out. We rely on HBT’s support.”

HBT’s Long term support for this disabled family

HBT is committed to providing educational support to ensure a brighter future for the healthy children in this family, helping them overcome economic challenges and build a better future for themselves.

The mother says, “I have seen many hardships, and I don’t want my children to experience them. I want my children to go to school, receive an education, escape this darkness and economic difficulties, and build a better future for themselves.”

HBT, alongside its ongoing commitments, will continue to support this disabled family further and expresses gratitude for the collaboration of its supporters!

Together we can improve the lives of this family and secure a brighter future for their children.

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