Help Build Tomorrow (HBT) is a Non-Government, Non-Profit US 501c3 Organization established by a group of professional individuals aiming to create a more hopeful tomorrow.

HBT SPONSORED STUDENTS, Poverty-stricken children


Our core mission at HBT is to provide holistic support to poverty-stricken children and their families in Afghanistan. In addition to our ongoing efforts to educate children, we actively engage in campaigns aimed at uplifting communities. By empowering women as primary household providers and ensuring access to essential medical treatment, particularly for cancer patients, we strive to bring warmth, safety, and hope to those in need.


Our vision at HBT is to create a future where every child in Afghanistan has unfettered access to quality education, where women are empowered to be independent household caretakers, and where every home receives the support it needs to thrive. Through our concerted
efforts, we aspire to build resilient communities that flourish with compassion and opportunity.


HBT is 100% volunteer-oriented organization, bypassing overhead cost unlike traditional nonprofit organizations. Every contribution is directly spent on beneficiaries.