The Impact of Help Build Tomorrow (HBT) Charity Organization in Afghanistan

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The core mission and commitment upheld by HBT Charity Organization is to help Afghans access the resources they need to better their lives. So far, our humanitarian efforts are making lasting impacts on the lives of Afghan people. From providing basic needs such as food, drinking water, and clothing to helping Afghan children access education and medical aid. We are pleased that our charitable contributions have impacted Afghanistan indelibly.

Furthermore, HBT has provided relief to those affected by poverty, conflicts, displacement, natural disasters, etc. HBT, alongside other notable charities such as Save the Children Fund (SCEF), and CARE International, Islamic Relief, is dedicated to providing aid and assistance to the most vulnerable in Afghanistan. HBT works relentlessly to build a brighter future for the next generations by providing essential services to those who need them most. In short, the presence of charitable organizations has a positive impact on Afghanistan’s economy and society.

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HBT Charity Organization has faced many challenges, including geopolitical issues, cultural sensitivities, and funding shortages in implementing projects. However, our teams have overcome these problems and provided humanitarian aid to Afghans living in various provinces. 

HBT’s Various Projects

HBT works hard to improve the lives of Afghan people. From education, healthcare, and poverty alleviation, HBT strives to reach as many Afghans as possible.

Below are the different programming and project HBT has undertaken: 

  • Education: HBT in Afghanistan provides access to quality education for children and adults, helping them gain essential skills to build their futures.
  • Healthcare: HBT helps to mitigate preventable illnesses by providing medical care and treatment facilities for those in need, especially in the rural areas of Afghanistan.
  • Food Aid: HBT strives to reduce hunger by providing food packages for Afghans nationwide. 
  • Drinking Water: Most Afghans live in rural areas where clean water is not accessible. HBT has constructed numerous water wells to support them. 
  • Orphan sponsorship: Orphans are the most vulnerable in Afghanistan. HBT has consistently supported this group by providing access to education and better living conditions.
  • Women Support: At HBT, we offer a unique program for Afghan women focused on  strengthening their education and workforce skills. 

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HBT By The Numbers 

Improved Education

One of the most significant impacts of HBT’s work in Afghanistan is access to education. More than 313 students and their families are under HBT’s monthly support cycle and care. They have improved teaching materials, such as textbooks and notebooks, and better facilities and equipment – including desks, chairs, and even computers to pursue their studies. 

Improved Healthcare

HBT Charity Organization routinely provides medical supplies for the most at risk. Recently, we provided more than 3 tons of medical supplies, including different types of drugs, first aid kits, injections, and many more medical items to the Paktika people who suffered immensely from a deadly earthquake.

Improved Infrastructure

HBT provides clean water sources for people who lack access to drinkable water. According to our latest emergency response, we have excavated 40 wells in Paktika province, and each well will provide clean water for almost 200 families. Altogether, 8000 families will have access to clean water in Paktika province. With your support, we plan to extend this project to other provinces.

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