Frequently Asked Questions about HBT


  • HBT’s core mission is to educate poverty-stricken children in Afghanistan by supporting both the children and their families.
  • HBT provides  Humanitarian response and financial and social support to vulnerable children and women. Additionally,  It also targets Afghan immigrants the US and educate Afghan women. 

HBT is a 100% overhead free charity. Therefore, every dollar donated is spent on beneficiaries on its entirety.

HBT covers all of the provinces in Afghanistan and It has a local team and presence and gets to the remotest areas of Afghanistan. In addition, it’s headquartered in Virginia, United States.

You can create a donor account on our website where you will be able to track all your donations and the projects that have been funded.


Tariq Ahmadzai is the founder. He is managing the operations in Virginia. In addition, Hamid Malekzada is the lead volunteer on the ground in Afghanistan.

Fill out the volunteer form under the volunteer tab in our website and we will connect with you.

HBT has been supporting 313 children and their families on long term basis and 8,000 children under different projects and emergency responses.

HBT supports 100 women on longer term basis and 4,000 on short term basis under our different projects.

Our target is to identify households that live with less than 100 Afghani ($1.50) income on daily basis. To do this, our local team in Afghanistan conducts surveys on daily basis. As a result, once identified, we register families, conduct vetting process to ensure their living conditions and needs.

Provide us contact details of the individual/families who need education, food or shelter and one of our team members will connect with them and include as per the process as per question 9.

Yes, there are English Language classes for Afghan Immigrant women, Street to school children campaign program, Food distribution for vulnerable households and emergency response.

Fill out the form under contact us and identify the purpose of your meeting and one of our team members will connect with you from the United States and Afghanistan. Additionally, We can connect with you virtually anywhere around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions HBT team