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Afghan girl in school

Sponsor A Child Monthly


Education is a fundamental right for every child, yet access to it has become an unattainable dream in Afghanistan.

In this endeavor, the HBT organization has been working to provide education to orphaned children and has so far created the opportunity for 77 children to receive an education. 

HBT Sponsored Child

Donate For School Essentials


Children under the care of HBT organization not only receive school fees but also have their educational challenges addressed. We provide them with uniforms and stationery so that they can  attend school and excel in their studies in a better learning environment.


Book donation for school

Donate to school books


HBT is making dedicated efforts to launch its own school, with the goal of supplying much-needed books to children. We intend to provide free school books for children.

Your donation will significantly contribute to their educational objectives, aspirations and development. 

food package for needy

Food Packages For Families


Given the increasing levels of poverty and hunger in Afghanistan, HBT organization is working to provide food assistance to many families. In this regard, we have been able to provide food assistance to 132,000 individuals.

With your ongoing support, we aim to uplift impoverished families, improving their economic well-being and overall quality of life.

job cart for a family

Buy A Job Cart For A Family


HBT Organization, in addition to providing social assistance, creates job opportunities for impoverished families by offering job carts. HBT’s goal in fostering employment, alongside educating orphaned children, is to address the needs and challenges of families and empower them toward self-sufficiency.

The price includes cart, stack and delivery. 

sewing machine

Gift A Sewing Machine


Many Afghan women play the role of family breadwinners and require sustainable work and income.

By donating sewing machines, we have been able to assist needy women in producing goods either at home or professionally, allowing them to generate income for their families.

an Afghan orphan

support an orphan

offer any amount

In Afghanistan, millions of vulnerable orphans urgently need our help. HBT’s mission is to empower them through education and nurture their talents. Join us to create a brighter future for Afghan orphans.

Together, we can be the light in the lives of Afghan orphans, offering them hope, a better tomorrow and profound difference in their lives.

cancer affected girl khyal mina

Cancer Appeal

offer any amount

Considering the complexity of cancer treatment, its impact on children’s lives, and the high medical costs that impoverished families cannot afford, HBT is striving to provide support to these children. Together with HBT, through empathy and assistance, you can bring hope back into their lives.

Our first cancer patient was sent to Pakistan as there are no facilities in Afghanistan. Our hope is for more patients to be sent to various hospitals outside of the country.

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Our Humanitarian Responses

Laghman province displaced children
Aid distribution including food packages, blanket and jumper in different province of Afghanistan.
Families receive monthly support to ensure their children can attend school without worrying about family expenses
children are enrolled to private schools and receive our monthly support
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Drinking water wells excavation with hand pumps for people in need

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Cold Winter in Afghanistan and Orphan Children

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importance of education in Afghanistan

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