Meet Sayema, one of the widowed women in Afghanistan who Admirably struggles to provide for her children

Sayma one of the widowed women in Afghanistan

Sayema, a 31-year-old is one of the widowed women in Afghanistan, faces economic and emotional challenges. Her life is like a heavy burden, burdened by a lack of shelter, widespread poverty, and the struggle to provide for her children.

She is the sole caregiver for her two children since her husband’s passing. Sayema shares, ‘Our future is uncertain due to poverty, and I must provide for my children.’

Sayma's (a widowed women in Afghanistan) son, Abdul waris

Her economic hardship forces her to work at a clinic, doing kitchen work and cleaning to make ends meet. She explains, “I have numerous challenges, and my dependency on others has grown since my husband’s passing. Despite my efforts, life remains tough.”

Adding to her woes, one of her children had to halt their education due to a traffic accident, leaving their studies incomplete.

Her children, Abdul Waris and Farman, lost their father eight years ago, and their mother is their only supporter. Her mother says, “My only hope is Farman and Abdul Waris, but sometimes I wonder as on of widowed women, despite the hardships poverty has brought upon us, whether I will be able to take care of my children or not.”

Sayma's (a widowed women in Afghanistan) children, Abdul waris and Farman

Sayema and her children share a home with her brothers, who treat them unkindly. She say’s, “When you become on of the widowed women and children lose their fathers, they often face unkind treatment. Even my own brothers display a harsh attitude towards me and my children.”

Sayema’s story is just one of many heartbreaking narratives in Afghanistan. Her only hope for help is HBT.

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