Poverty has caused 11 years old Zahra to face many Barrier

Poverty and the heavy burdens of life have cast a shadow over Zahra, an eleven-year-old child. She has been faced with economic challenges that compel her to work tirelessly just to make ends meet.

Tragically, Zahra lost her father four years ago, leaving her and her mother to toil in the homes of others, barely earning enough to cover their basic needs. Despite these adversities, Zahra remains determined to fulfill her role as a provider and support her sisters in achieving their dreams. She clings to hope for a brighter future, expressing her heartfelt desire: “I wish to become a doctor and one day assist other children who find themselves trapped in such dire circumstances.”

HBT concealed the depth of her poverty

To aid Zahra in surmounting life’s obstacles and pursuing her dreams, the HBT institution has been a steadfast supporter. With their assistance over the past two years, Zahra now attends a private school in Kabul as a sixth-grade student. However, Zahra’s plight is not an isolated one. Many children like her endure similar hardships and must navigate tremendous difficulties just to survive.

Startling statistics reveal that in Afghanistan alone, 4.2 million children lack access to education due to poverty and the absence of guardians, depriving them of their most fundamental rights.

Your compassion has the power to turn Zahra’s wishes into reality and help her achieve her goals. By supporting HBT, you enable Zahra to continue her education and pave the way for a promising future filled with brightness and opportunity.

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