Education is not an impossible dream for vulnerable children and me!

Every day in the morning, when the sun had just risen, 11-year-old Ahmed and other vulnerable children would come to the city. They work hard to get a bite of bread in the suburbs of Kabul city, amidst a warehouse of dirt, smoke, and crowd. Ahmad and his sister were polishing shoes.

vulnerable children

Ahmed had to take care of a family of seven because of his father’s disability. He said, “I had to work with my sister on the road to earn a few Afghanis. If I didn’t work, my family would starve”.

Ahmad added, “school is a dream for the most vulnerable children in Afghanistan. when I looked at the children, I wished that one day I would go to school like them”.

Ahmed should have studied and had regular clothes, but he didn’t because of the hard work to support his family.

Sadly, he is one of the vulnerable children in Afghanistan who was in chronic poverty. Instead of thinking about his future, he was worried about food for his family. If he didn’t work, they wouldn’t have bread at home and everyone would become hungry.”

vulnerable children

Ahmed was one of the 4.2 million vulnerable children, deprived of the right to education. People rendered him a street child toiling for low wages, and according to him, everyone blamed him.

HBT’s Support for vulnerable children

Attaining freedom from working on the roads and going to school has been his biggest wish. However, this wish became true two years ago when Ahmad began receiving significant support from the HBT charity organization.

He said, “I hoped that one day I would become free from working on the city roads and continue my education”. Now, with the support of HBT, he can safely go to school to study, and work hard to overcome the challenges of achieving his dreams.

Ahmed, who is interested in becoming a doctor to support vulnerable children, says that he would love to help children who miss out on education in the future.

Your kindness will provide hope for vulnerable children deprived of education in Afghanistan. Support orphaned children with HBT to reach their educational and future goals.

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