Life after the attack on Kaaj educational center in Kabul for Fatima Amiri

Meet Fatima, a dedicated education enthusiast since the age of six. In an incident at Kaaj educational center in Kabul, she suffered severe injuries, resulting in the loss of one eye and one ear. Thanks to your generous support, Fatmia received medical relief through the HBT organization.

When she was one year old, the challenges faced by her and her family led them to leave Ghazni, and ultimately, with all their concerns, her family chose Kabul as their new home.

Her enthusiasm and determination led her to start school at the age of six, and she achieved great success. From an early age, Fatima developed a passion for poetry, excelling in recitation and public speaking, always receiving encouragement from her teachers and even the school principal.

It is often said that hardships shape a person, and Fatima shares her story in this way: “Despite all these challenges, it was never an easy journey, but I believed that these trials of life were making me and preparing me for a fight. Faced with numerous difficulties and concerns, I had to commute for an hour every day to get to school and back.”

When she was in the ninth grade, she began teaching simultaneously with her studies at the educational center where she attended school. Alongside this, she engaged in activities such as sewing and embroidery.

Each passing year gave her more motivation and made her more determined to achieve a sacred goal. With her entry into the twelfth grade, she was determined to make her way to university.

She says, “Everyone’s argument was that I couldn’t do it because due to bad economic conditions, I had missed out on learning the fundamentals. But with the confidence I had in myself, I began. I went through tough days, hardships, despair, changes, school closures, quarantine, and many other challenges, and I entered the preparation class for the university entrance exam at Kaaj Educational Center.”

Fatima describes the attack on the Kaaj educational center in Kabul as the darkest experience of her life. An attack that tragically claimed the lives of many students with big aspirations, and Fatima herself lost an ear and an eye in this attack.

However, she didn’t turn back. With a body full of wounds, a broken heart, a bad mental state, and even the inability to open her mouth, she took the university entrance exam and managed to get into her desired college. The Kaaj educational center explosion not only diminished Fatima’s activities but also sharpened her resolve to fight.

She speaks of her motivation to pursue her goals: “My commitment to educating girls has increased significantly. With the risk to my life and a body full of wounds, I raised a voice that had never been heard before, and I will never give up on this fight. Today, I’m not just responsible for my own dreams; I’m pursuing the dream of a large population that sacrificed their lives before my eyes. I have the responsibility to amplify the voices of girls who are being destroyed every day on my homeland. But I will continue to be stronger.”

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