Empowering Dreams: Support Education for Afghan girls Sana and Jalwa

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Not having a guardian and lacking basic food, access to healthy drinking water, and living in a damp mud house have made life bitter for these Afghan Girls in Kabul. Amongst the bustling crowd of city people, two children, aged 10 and 11, can be spotted on a street corner, busy collecting paper and plastic from garbage cans.
Sana and her sister, Jalwa, are the sole breadwinners for their small family of four, and their young faces reflect the living struggles amidst the chaotic times.
Empowering Dreams: Support Education for Afghan girls Sana and Najwa
Sana says, “Every morning, we travel a long way into the city to collect paper and plastic from roads and garbage dumps, which we bring home to use as fuel for cooking our food. six years ago, my father, who was an addict, disappeared, and now I live with my two sister and mother in a corner of Kabul city. We were forced to work from childhood; therefore, we couldn’t attend school”.

Their mother, the head of the family, narrates her life story, ‘Sometimes, I work in people’s houses, and every day, I think about providing for my children’s daily needs. Occasionally, our neighbors help us with a meal, but sometimes we go hungry for days.Afghan girls

Jalwa adds, “In our neighborhood, other children often offend us because of our old clothes. I tell my sister that they have a father who buys them new clothes and shoes, but we don’t have one. Therefore, we need to have patience. The way our peers treat us makes me sad”.

Sadly, one million children in Afghanistan are engaged in hard labor, and Sana and Jalwa are among these deprived Afghan Girls who lack access to education and basic rights, facing dangers such as violence, discrimination, and humiliation.
Our campaign aims to raise $5,000, and we rely on your valuable cooperation to achieve this important goal. 

By successfully reaching this target, we can make a significant difference in the lives of Afghan girls and orphaned children, providing them with family livelihood and education for four years. Your prompt action is crucial in bringing much-needed peace and stability to these children’s lives.
Afghan girls
The HBT Foundation identified these Afghan Girls while they were collecting plastic bags from the streets of Kabul city. As a child support organization, we are dedicated to including them in our support program with your help. If you wish to contribute to a brighter future for Sana and Jalwa, please consider making a donation.
Join us in this meaningful cause and create a brighter future for those in need.

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