Year 2023

Cold Winter in Afghanistan and Orphan Children

cold winter in Afghanistan, orphan children

Afghanistan is experiencing a cold winter compare to the previous years, making the orphan children vulnerable to cold weather condition. The increase of economic pressures, rising unemployment rate and increased poverty level are the main reasons that differentiate this winter…

Importance of Education in Afghanistan

importance of education in Afghanistan

Education is the human right and everyone’s responsibility. The importance of education in Afghanistan cannot be overstated as it plays a crucial role for development of society. It develops talent and intelligence and help learn how to live independently in…

Rescuing Lost Dreams on the Streets of Kabul

Khadija From Streets of Kabul to School

Meet Khadijah, a member of a six-person family who were residing in Logar province, Afghanistan. Her life took a drastic turn when her father passed away four years ago. Driven by a strong passion for education, Khadijah found herself on…