Paktika and Khost Deadly Earthquake

Paktika and Khost were struck by a catastrophic earthquake measuring at a 5.9 magnitude. More than 1000 people reportedly died coupled with 1500 reported injuries that are still growing. Reports also indicate that villages are completely decimated due to the earthquake. In addition, countless children remain missing and in  perilous conditions.


Afghans living in DC (ALDC), an Afghan Diaspora group based in the DMV, and Help Build Tomorrow (HBT), a 501c Charity group focusing on Afghanistan, are urgently pleading to donate to this fundraiser as we seek to alleviate the catastrophic effects of this earthquake.

The proceeds will be used to:

  • Purchase food packages for the people directly affected.
  • Provide shoes and clothes for families and children.
  • Provide significant first-aid resources to the affected.
  • provide Child support services by providing shelter and family unification.

Our target for this round of fundraising is $50,000. Every dollar counts.We appreciate every donation and will follow up as the distribution starts to ensure transparency. 100% of these donations will be directly distributed to the earthquake victims with no overhead cost.


For the campaign link on Facebook, please see the below links or additionally, you can donate by pressing the donate button below: 

Facebook Campaign Link:

GoFundMe Campaign Link:


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