International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Poor Afghan women with her children

The 25th of November is the international day to eliminate violence against women. Everyone in almost all over the world revere this day and say no to women’s physical, sexual, and mental abuse. This day is nominated to show international determination to fight against women’s violence worldwide. At any level, the psychological and physical secureness of them in a society is a pre-required. because, they are half of the society’s population and bring cultural, political, economic, and social development.

Women’s Right in Afghanistan

Compared to the past, their rights  have decreased, and they do not have the same privilege as before. they lack their fundamental rights, and there is plenty of restriction on them in Afghanistan. A girl can only attend school till sixth grade, and they need to have someone accompany them to go somewhere. Additionally, the child marriage rate is high in Afghanistan. Most girls get married at the age of 15 to 16, which is below the age of 18.

Violence against women takes away their free will, ability to make a decision, and access to opportunities, including educational and working opportunities. Violence weakens them and prevents their social and basic growth. Therefore, we must act and help them develop because the main factor of a society’s development is powerful and literate women. To develop a society, we need female doctors, teachers, engineers, and others. Additionally, they should take an active part in a society’s economic, social, and cultural issues because it will help them reach economic and social independence.

Latest Statistics about women in Afghanistan

According to the latest statistics, women have lived in a harsh situation in Afghanistan. Based on the UN Women organization, 87% of them in Afghanistan experience some kind of violence during their lifetime, and 59% of them have married by force. 57% of brides in Afghanistan are under the age of 16. Additionally, girls often forced into marriages at an early age to settle financial and political debts.


women gathered to receive humanitarian aid

HBT, as their supporter organization, has taken many steps to promote and empower them in Afghanistan.

Monthly, 313 families receive our financial aid. These aids help the widow and poor women to provide for their basic needs and send their children to school. Besides that, we have special ESL Courses to help women learn the English language.


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