Emergency Food Distribution for people in need
Providing Emergency support for Afghan Children
Emergency Medical clinic for people in need in rural areas of Afghanistan.
Establishing drinkable water wells for people in need

Latest Emergency Responses

HBT distributed food packages for 66 needy families in Kabul

HBT is pleased to announce that it completed the fourth round of distribution of food parcels to 66 needy IDPs families in Kabul. With the financial backing of ALDC (Afghans living in DC), a DC-based diaspora group, we distributed food packages to 66 needy families in Kabul, Afghanistan. The total

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emergency food aid, Logar ,province

132 Needy families in Logar received food packages from HBT

HBT, in collaboration with the ALDC (Afghans living in DC), a DC-based diaspora group, distributed food packages to 132 needy families in Logar, Afghanistan. The food package for the individual family included rice, cooking oil, sugar and tea. The recipients of the food packages thanked the Afghan diaspora, who donated

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emergency food aid, Ghazni Province

118 Needy families received food packages in Ghazni province

HBT is pleased to announce that it completed the Fifth round of distribution of food parcels to 118 needy IDPs families in Ghazni. With the financial backing of ALDC (Afghans living in DC), a DC-based diaspora group, we distributed food packages to 118 needy families in Ghazni, Afghanistan.  The total

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150 IDP (internally displaced people) families received food packages in Kabul

HBT, in collaboration with the ALDC (Afghans living in DC), a DC-based diaspora group, 𝗱𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗿𝗶𝗯𝘂𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝗳𝗼𝗼𝗱 𝗽𝗮𝗰𝗸𝗮𝗴𝗲𝘀 𝘁𝗼 𝟭𝟱𝟬 𝗜𝗗𝗣 (internally displaced people) families in Kabul, Afghanistan.  The food package for the individual family included rice, cooking oil, sugar, tea, and soap. The recipients of the food packages thanked the

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our humanitarian responses to your charitable donations

Emergency Food Distribution

One of the imminent issues impacting Afghanistan is food scarcity. Millions of people across Afghanistan are at the brink of starvation. They do not have enough food to eat. Based on WFP, 22.5 million people in Afghanistan face acute food insecurity, and 8.7 million Afghans are in need emergency food support.

Lack of nutritious and whole food has unprecedented effect on various members of the Afghan society especially children, pregnant women, and elders. It causes debilitating sicknesses and has severe effects on education, social, and economic development of the country. As a result, food insecurity is one of the prominent humanitarian campaigns that HBT works to support.

Therefore, we have launched several emergency food distributions in the  different provinces of Afghanistan. More than 30,000 food packages have been distributed for needy families. However, food insecurity continues to impact millions in Afghanistan, and we need your help to save people from starvation. Together we can save lives.

Establishing wells for clean water

According to UNICIF reports, 93% of children lack access to clean water and around 94% of schools across Afghanistan lack access to basic hand washing facilities. Clean water shortages has been a serious issue for the Afghan people. Children are forced to deliver water from long distances to their homes and the quality has had deleterious impact on their health. In addition, in mountainous regions, communities do not have the access excavate wells for clean water and undertake long journeys to receive water.

HBT Organization has started a clean water source project for the people who lack access to clean water. According our latest emergency response, we have started excavated 30 wells in Paktika province. Each well will provide clean water for almost 200 families. Altogether, 6000 families will have access to clean water in Paktika province. With your support, we have plan to extend this project to other provinces.

Emergency Medical Support

Health problems are plaguing the Afghan population. After the collapse of previous Afghan government, most of the organizations and donor countries have limited their aid support. This, in turn,  has led to acute shortages of medicine and doctors in hospitals, particularly in rural areas. The afghan population, at present, are in dire need of medical support and supplies.

HBT has taken critical measures in providing humanitarian assistance to the various provinces of Afghanistan. Recently, we provided more than 3 tons of medical supplies including different types of drugs, first aid kits, and injections and many more medical items to the Paktika people who are rebuilding their lives after a deadly earthquake.

We have also established a temporary health clinic, where we  provide medical services for people of Paktika province. Furthermore, we have hired doctors provide free medical examinations. As a result,  between 120 to 150 patients are visiting the clinic daily.

Emergency winter kit Drive

Our emergency winter kit program provides children and people in need with warm clothes. Through this program, we provide various warm clothing items to people in need in the rural areas of Afghanistan. Our teams investigate and discover the most eligible people and provide them with warm emergency clothing.

Afghanistan is one of the countries which has harsh winters, and majority of the people are poor and do not have access to proper warm clothes. There is extensive snowfall in the mountainous region, and many villages are isolated from their provinces. The temperature reaches to even -25⁰C, and in some higher mountainous locations, it is even lower. Therefore, HBT is obliged to provide emergency winter kits for needy people all over Afghanistan. Our emergency kit includes a warm blanket, scarf, jumper, jacket, winter soak, and shoes.

You can also take part and help the people of Afghanistan in emergency situations. According to a report by UNOCHA, 79 % of Afghans live in shelters that need repair and do not have enough access to heating. As a result, they need warm clothing to keep themselves warmer. Together we can save Afghan people from the harsh realities of this upcoming winter. Join HBT and support our work.

Your contribution to HBT campaigns could save lives in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is one of the most poverty-stricken countries in the world. Further, this is exacerbated by the collapse of the former government and now under the Taliban regime. In addition, Afghanistan is facing calamitous hunger crisis, producing acute food shortages and child malnutrition.

emergency food aid, Kabul province

With your support, HBT has remained steadfast in our approach to alleviate the  hardships inflicted upon millions of Afghans. Since 2016, We’ve helped countless children and vulnerable families. More specifically, since the government’s fall last August, HBT has doubled its efforts and thus conducted eight rounds of food distributions (estimated 8,000 people) in the different provinces of Afghanistan. We seek to reach all of the provinces in Afghanistan and provide resources to alleviate hunger, provide education, and provide emergency-related services. With our combined efforts, we believe a better future is possible for all Afghans.

Since 2016, our teams has been on the ground to support Afghans in different provinces of Afghanistan. Together we can save lives! Please Consider Donating!