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to Help Build Tomorrow

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

John Bunyan
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About HBT

Help Build Tomorrow (HBT) is a Non-Government and Non-Profit Organization established by a group of individuals aiming to create a more hopeful tomorrow. HBT’s core mission is to educate poverty stricken children in Afghanistan by supporting both the children and their families.  We value education and see it as the only solution to ending poverty and children falling prey to war, one family at a time.

HBT sponsors the family in order to remove the burden placed on children that require them to beg, offer services or sell goods in dangerous circumstances.  Removing this burden will allow the families to enroll their children in educational institutions.  It is HBT’s belief and understanding that education is highly regarded and wanted by every family and child in Afghanistan.  We, therefore, aim to achieve this goal for as many children and families as possible.  With your help, we can go far.

Help Build Tomorrow plans to work throughout Afghanistan.  We believe in education for ALL.  War might have constraints on us as to when we can work in every village, town and city of Afghanistan but that is our plan, hope and aim. 

HBT is a 100%  volunteer based organization. Our volunteers are fully committed to making a difference in the world.  We encourage you to help us save these children from the streets and giving them hopes of a possible tomorrow for each child sponsored with your help. 

Our Work

We fight for every child’s right to education. Working together to increase awareness and hope. Together with individuals, charities, businesses we can change the fate of many children who don’t stand a chance at receiving education. 

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There's supposed to be school in a kid's life: In Helmand province volunteers do what they can to make sure it happens

Take Action

Make an impact today. 100% of your donation goes directly to changing the life of these children. When you give to HBT, you are joining us in the fight for every child’s right to education, a healthy childhood and a possible future. 

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Personal Info

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Story of Madina

Story of Madina, a widow with two children living in a tent in cold weather of Guzar Gah, Kabul.Please click the donate button on our page to donate and help build tomorrow together.

Posted by Help Build Tomorrow on Sunday, December 4, 2016

Please click the donate button on our page to donate and help build tomorrow together.

Posted by Help Build Tomorrow on Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Give Monthly to Help Kids and Families in Need


When you join Helping Build Tomorrow as a monthly donor, you become someone we can count on to help families facing poverty and their children a hopeless tomorrow. With your help we can feed the families as well as equip and enroll their children in schools. At HBT, we fight for every child’s right to education. With your help we can go far.  Please join us in this fight, today. It’s easy to setup your monthly donation to Help Build Tomorrow


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