suicide attack killed 35 teenagers setting for practice exam in Kaj educational center

Kaj Institute classroom

At least 35 people were martyred in a suicide attack at an education center in Kabul, Afghanistan, where hundreds of students were preparing for university entrance exams on Friday morning.

Most of those martyred are girl students, while many male students are injured. In addition, at least one teacher is wounded. Casualties are high, and the exact numbers are still unknown.

Attack on educational centers and targeting of children and teenagers is a clear conspiracy against the progress and development of a society. Therefore, HBT organization condemns the attack on Kaj educational center in Kabul in which hundreds of students were killed and injured.

Kaj Institute classroom

Educational centers are safe from any kinds of attacks and these places should be peaceful centers for the children so that they can acquire skills for their future. HBT emergency response teams, in collaboration with the Afghan Diaspora Community (ALDC), established a fundraiser that will directly benefit the blast victims. Our teams on the ground will identify the families and funds will be provided based on their needs.

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