Female Only ESL Courses

HBT offers women-only English Language Courses. By offering women-only classes, we offer more than an opportunity to learn the English language. Here, she is able to connect and network with other females in the community. It is a place for her to be inspired and work hard towards her goal of gaining knowledge of the English language for her well-being and that of her family without the pressure of learning amongst men.

Having knowledge of the English language plays a direct role in personal, community and professional life. Offering a course that is designed for females only offers a level of comfort and security not only to the women but also to their families. Language learners need an accepting, secure, and supportive environment that engages them. Generally, women are responsible for the home and children. Women who can read, write and speak English enjoy immeasurable benefits of freedom starting with the ability to hold a conversation and interact with her community, learn how to drive and pass a driving test, find a job, become a US citizen and most importantly for mothers: being capable of assisting their children with homework.